Observing the tactile nature of Shannon’s photography and prose, Marley, a designer and interdisciplinary artist working across fashion and visual art, came together with Shannon to print her photographs on life-size pieces of satin & silk material, which hung suspended from the rafters of the gallery space they first exhibited in together—

The exhibition titled, ‘The offering of one’s body as extraneous clothing’ was a photographic and surface design textile installation that visually spoke to Mario Perniola’s book The Sex Appeal of the Inorganic, exploring philosophies of desire in a modern world—

Coalesced by the sensual nature of their work, the duo continued to explore how bodies can become rolls of material that fold and unfold on one another—

Choosing to work with materials that deconstruct notions of gender, they further explored a desire for neutral and impersonal sexuality by constructing silk garments, allowing both the concept and production of the artworks to playfully interact—

Soft velvet pleats brushing against cool latex. The rose pink folds of the sex no different from the depressions of a seat cover. The fleshy clothing of a body indecipherable. Rolls of plush fabric that fold and unfold on one another, creating a new order of extraneous gender and otherness infinitely devisable. Emotional objects made inanimate. The final exaltation of becoming, at once, both (no)thing and (every)thing.

Prose by Shannon May Powell for the exhibition “The offering of one’s body as extraneous clothing”